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iPhone SDK 3.0: A New Beginning

Last year I blogged about the upcoming SDK 2.0 for the iPhone 3G, and boy did it change my life. For those who haven’t followed closely everything that happened in this blog lately, there’s been this (that’s me in the WWDC keynote main room at the Moscone center) and then that (yours truly talking at [...]


(Somehow this project seems to me so simple, that I’m sure someone has done this before. Anyway). This is my feeble attempt to bring an answer to the eternal dichotomy between those arguing about the relative benefits of creating user interfaces via Interface Builder or via pure Objective-C code: let me introduce nib2objc. Unbeknown to [...]

Mention on StackOverflow

Hope Adrian Kosmaczewski’s work can save your time from reinventing the wheels: And, it’s Public Domain. Quote appeared in Stack Overflow.