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December, 2009 | akosma
December 2009
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Season’s Greetings

Whenever you are, whichever language you speak akosma software wishes you happiness and health for 2010! Thanks to Claudia for the artwork and to Omniglot.com for the phrases 🙂

Mention on Patrice Neff’s blog

The past few days I created a mobile site for Memonic. During this I made use of some of the newly found knowledge from the past Webtuesday which Adrian Kosmaczewski was kind enough to share. See also my notes about iPhone web development from that event. “Yahoo! Blueprint for mobile sites” in Patrice Neff’s blog.

Kevin Smith iPhone Application

I’ve just been notified by the nice guys from DenVog that the Kevin Smith iPhone application includes code from my Asynchronous UITableView sample, posted earlier this year. The app also features the MGTwitterEngine from Matt Gemmell, too. Thanks for the credits guys! I’m glad my code has been helpful to you.

10 Things Every iPhone App Designer Should Know

Design is a fundamental part of iPhone app development. It is, without any doubt, the difference between a crappy and a great application. It can be the discriminating factor of life and death on the App Store, and the competition is brilliant and strong. The best teams, like Tapbots, Sophiestication or Jilion have understood that […]

Reducing the Carbon Footprint

From the beginning, akosma software was created with the objective of providing its customers with high quality software in different platforms. However, we are aware of the complex social and environmental context we are living in, and the current and future challenges generated by our daily actions on the climate of the planet and the […]

Upcoming Conferences: SDC in Göteborg and iPhone Dev Days in London

2010 will be for akosma software, without any doubt, the year of the conference. I am delighted and absolutely thrilled to announce that there already are two major events in the agenda for next year, where I will have the privilege to share the stage with major names in the field, to talk about this […]

Siegfried Ceballos: The Idea Detective

Siegfried Ceballos, the “idea detective” (@ideadetective on Twitter), is publishing an interesting series of short videos, asking people about the estimated percentage of ideas they are able to actually bring to reality. The answers to this very atypical and interesting question are insightful and different, and I had the pleasure to answer it to Siegfried […]

Webtuesday: Mobile App Frameworks

I had great fun yesterday at Liip‘s offices, during the monthly Webtuesday meeting. The presentation, which consisted in a high-level overview of mobile web application frameworks and platforms, gathered around 20 people, and the conversations and discussions (and the beers) after the talk were great. I hope that everyone enjoyed the evening as much as […]

Two conferences and one training

This week I will spend a good deal of time in one of my preferred cities: Zürich. On Tuesday I will have the privilege of talking at this week’s Webtuesday meeting at Liip’s offices. Then, on Wednesday, I’ll be giving the 5-hour iPhone training I’ve blogged before, and which has been so far an unprecedented […]