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Trainings 2012: Advanced iOS, Mobile Web Apps and Node.js

We are thrilled to announce new training sessions in Switzerland and South Africa this year:

  • Advanced iOS: this training is for experienced iOS developers, looking to increase their knowledge with insider tips and tricks about the following subjects:
    • Building iOS 5.x universal applications, compatible with version 4.x of iOS.
    • Advanced user interface design for the iPhone and the iPad
    • Integrating your application with Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites.
    • Performance enhancements using Core Foundation in your applications.
    • Using Instruments to find performance problems.
    • Major ninja-level optimizations.
    • 2D graphics and animation: Quartz and Core Animation.
    • Video, audio, the iPod library, AirPlay, etc.
  • Mobile Web App Development: targeting web developers who want to take their existing knowledge to the next step:
    • Build mobile web applications such as to-do lists, a location-based social networking site and other apps using Sencha Touch, jQuery Mobile.
    • Learn how to integrate data from remote APIs in your mobile web apps, and how to organize your code and your architecture for the best results.
    • Package those applications using PhoneGap and PhoneGap Build and distribute them over the major mobile application marketplaces.
  • Web Development with Node.js: this is our new training offering, for web developers who want to learn more about the latest and greatest web framework of the moment:
    • Learn how to create common web applications such as a blog, wiki, and management systems with backend databases, using the standard Node.js toolkit.
    • Learn about other tools like npm, Express, Vows, MongoDB, Persistence.js and more.

All trainings are 3 days long, and they include lunch and snacks during the day. All trainees will receive a ~100 page booklet written by Adrian with the most important aspects of the training, in PDF, ePub and .mobi (Kindle) formats. These trainings will take place throughout 2012 in Geneva and Zürich.

More information about dates and locations soon! We hope to see you soon!

Update: we forgot to mention that the trainings in Geneva will be given in French, while in Zürich they will be in English. We are also going to offer these in South Africa!

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