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  • akosma software not only creates iOS apps; we have also some Android love.
  • We have recently started publishing books!
  • We don't do this just for fun.
  • akosma software has a tendency to appear in conferences all over the world. Be careful, we might be talking in a room near you soon.
  • Immer fertig.
  • By far, one of the biggest challenges in human history. We're also tackling it.
  • También publicamos en español!
  • Toujours prêt.
  • A true revolution; and a cool device nonetheless.
  • The little thing that changed the course of a whole industry forever.
  • Made in Switzerland.
  • Saving trees every time someone speaks of akosma software.
  • We contribute a lot of code. Check it out!
  • We've got something to say. In a particularly opinionated way.
  • World-class companies and organizations trust akosma software, our products and services.
  • Every so often, a paper or magazine talks about us. We just reference those appearances here.
  • When we have to announce something important about our clients or products.
  • Still a big chunk of the media industry. Shrinking, but big.
  • We have our own applications on the App Store; check them out!
  • We sometimes talk about other people's products. We like to do that, too.
  • Really nerdy stuff. You've been warned.
  • Flash, HTML5, who cares? We do.