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Mobile App Dev Training in South Africa

Just like in October 2011 and February 2012, we’ll be back in South Africa the next 3 weeks, for a whole series of mobile application trainings organized jointly by immedia and akosma software!

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Have you ever wanted to learn how to create a mobile app? Looked at Evernote and thought, “Hey, I could do that!” We have embarked on an exciting training initiative aimed at providing South African businesses and individuals with the skills they need to become global app creators.

Courses will be held in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban, and will be provided by Kishyr Ramdial, specialist cloud and mobile app developer, and myself:

  1. iOS Beginners: 2-day course perfect for: Beginner developers, who have working knowledge of Visual Basic, C, C++, C#, Java, and students with development experience wanting to specialise in iOS Development.
  2. iOS Advanced: 3-day course perfect for: Senior Developers looking for the next big challenge and iOS Developers wanting to enhance their skills.
  3. Mobile Web App Development: 3-day course perfect for developers who need to publish an app quickly to all platforms.

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There are courses targeted at app developers, dev beginners, and executives – to ensure that you learn exactly what you need to join this app revolution!

Check out the complete program here: and sign up contacting us at, but hurry up! There are very few spots left.

Introducing the Lausanne Cathedral iPhone Applications!

We are thrilled to announce the immediate availability of the Lausanne Cathedral iPhone application on the App Store, in French, English and German!

Cathedrale app logo

These applications are the result of a long collaboration with historians, philosophers, video producers and media experts under the direction of the EERV, who have worked together to create three stunning applications, providing insight and useful information about the Cathedral.

It will be useful to tourists, visitors, academia and the general public to know more about this beautiful building, its story, architecture and other details. As explained on the App Store:

The Eglise Réformée Vaudoise, the EERV, that is the Protestant Church of the Canton of Vaud has created an application to help visitors find their way through the cathedral. Its purpose is to allow them maximum autonomy, and to render their experience meaningful, as this historical edifice is also a place of high level of spirituality.


Check them out on the App Store!

Announcing my first book: “Mobile JavaScript Application Development”

Today I’m announcing my first book, “Mobile JavaScript Application Development”, available for sale in print and in DRM-free electronic formats (PDF, ePub, Kindle, etc.). The book is adapted from the mobile web app trainings I’ve been giving in Zurich and South Africa, about JavaScript, HTML5, jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch and PhoneGap.


Buy your copy now at any of these shops!

Or read it through O’Reilly Safari Books Online!

It is a compendium, an introduction, and a “state of the union” kind of book, that will help (I hope) desktop and web developers wanting to get into the mobile web train as fast as possible. It is not a “bible” book, but rather a series of introductions, with sufficient detail and explanations to be able to get up and running, fast, on these new exciting technologies.

But there is another detail about this book; I’ve written it in English, which, well, as you know is not my mother tongue. This makes it all the more special to me.

This book would not have been possible without the help and comments from Simon St. Laurent, my editor at O’Reilly; Maximiliano Firtman, Jens-Christian Fischer, Gabriel García Marengo, Bertrand Dufresne, Anice Hassim, Kishyr Ramdial, Mats Bryntse, and of course, the continuous support of my dear Claudia, without whom all life would be sheer unhappiness and utter impossibility.

The code samples of the book can be found, as usual, in Github. Feel free to fork, share and enjoy!

Some dreams do come true. I am very happy today, and I sincerely hope that this book will bring some “aha!” moments around the world. Enjoy, and I’ll be glad to get any feedback for, who knows, a second edition some time in the future.

Update, 2012-07-17: Here’s the official press release by O’Reilly announcing the release of the book.

Update, 2012-08-15: Check out the overwhelmingly positive reception to the book so far!

Attending WWDC 2012

Next week I’ll be attending the 2012 edition of WWDC in San Francisco! A whole week full of training sessions, labs, and meetings with cool friends from all over the world. And apparently with many surprises, as several sessions in the schedule (requires login) are marked as “to be announced”.

Wwdc 2012

Just like in 2008, 2009 and 2010, I will be covering this event on this blog, providing details… of the keynote, which is the only part that I can safely talk about 🙂

For those of you going there for the first time, check out the always excellent WWDC guide by Jeff LaMarche, updated for the 2012 edition. If we meet in the hallways, don’t hesitate to stop me to say hi! I’d love to meet you in person. WWDC is much more than a conference, is a gathering of very cool people, real artists who ship amazing applications. Don’t forget to get your copy of the official WWDC app in your iPhone or iPad! (oh, and check the latest “WWDC tips” by Jeff Johnson in his Twitter timeline, they are hilarious… and so true 🙂

Personally I am very happy to meet many friends like Jørn Larsen, Joe d’Andrea, Daniel Steinberg, Daniel Pasco, Danilo Campos, and of course the amazing group of 10 members of the immedia team, led by Anice Hassim and Nazeem Ebrahim who arrived yesterday to the US from Durban, South Africa!

Finally, check out the official list of WWDC parties! I will be attending (at least) the iOS Intelligence Party by Raven Zachary on Monday and the WWDC Bash on Thursday, so if you are around let’s meet and share a beer.

This WWDC will be epic!

SwissJeese 2012 Slides, Code and Pics

Last Saturday took place the first edition of SwissJeese in Bern! The event was an outstanding success and kudos to the organizers for an incredibly cool gathering.

For those interested, I’ve published in Github the source code of the application, as well as the slides of the presentation on Speaker Deck (these were created using Paper for iPad with a Cosmonaut Stylus, if you were wondering.) Finally, you can check out some photos of the event in our Facebook page.


Talking at SwissJeese 2012

I’m very proud and happy to announce that tomorrow I’ll be talking in the first edition of SwissJeese!

Bernie swissjeese

This is the national Swiss JavaScript conference, a free event organized by Nelmio and Bertrand Dufresne, with the sponsorship of webdoc and the help of Relax in the Air, who have contributed the website.

I’m going to be talking about Sencha Touch, of course! I hope to see you all there tomorrow. The event is free but requires registration, so don’t hesitate, sign up and let’s meet! SwissJeese 2012 will happen tomorrow in PROGR Bern from 10 AM to 8 PM.


A Mobile Developer Lab the Size of a Country!

Last week we attended with Bertrand Dufresne the 2012 edition of Mobilism in Amsterdam, an awesome event set up by many great people, among them Peter-Paul Koch, Stephen Hay and Krijn Hoetmer.


One of the most inspiring and useful ideas we brought from Mobilism was the creation of a mobile testing lab, covering a wide array of devices, allowing companies of all sizes to offer access to devices from different brands and models. This idea was presented by both Remy Sharp and Jeremy Keith, and it has taken the form of a physical testing lab set up in Brighton, UK, as described by Jeremy himself.

Of course, Switzerland is a country, and slightly bigger than Brighton, but as a country, it is not that big after all. Imagine an online database of devices, including their geographical location, helping developers to share devices with each other, to reserve time slots, and this not only in Geneva or Zürich, but all over the country.

Very often we developers would love to be able to test our latest app in some weird combination of mobile OS or browser or technology, and we wonder whether someone has such a device to lend for a little while, the time of debugging our code or testing our site. That’s the whole spirit of this project.

So far the idea, thus, is to start the discussion and start collecting information. Towards this goal, I’ve opened a project site to share conversations, files and other items of interest around this idea.

If you want to join this effort, please contact me and I’ll open a account for you to the project. We would love to have a large array of devices for testing, and if we all collaborate, we could have a country-wide database of devices! I think this is a goal that will provide lots of utility for all of us.

Introducing the Henri Dès iPhone App: La Radio HD!

We are extremely happy to announce the immediate availability of the Henri Dès iPhone application on the App Store. This is the result of a collaboration with our dear friends Fabien and Sena from We Studio Lausanne, and is a mobile frontend for the Radio Henri Dès website, also created by We Studio.

Henri des icon

This application streams more than 250 songs in high definition, without ads or interruptions, non-stop 24/7! It also provides quick access to the songs by Henri Dès in your iOS device, and shortcuts to buy more from the iTunes store.

Henri Dès is a Swiss singer and songwriter immensely popular with children in francophone countries. He represented Switzerland in the 1970 Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Retour”, earning the fourth position. Publishing since 1977 under his own label, Marie-Josée Productions, he has written, recorded and released 25 records, and has toured extensively in Switzerland, France, Belgium and Canada.

We are very happy, please go and check it out on the App Store!

Screen henri des

This week: Mobilism 2012 Amsterdam

This week we are very happy to announce that will be attending the 2012 edition of Mobilism Amsterdam organized by Peter-Paul Koch (of QuirksMode fame), Krijn Hoetmer and Stephen Hay!

Mobilism logo

From the Mobilism site:

Mobile is becoming increasingly important to web designers and developers because users expect a site to work on their phones. Simultaneously, the web is becoming increasingly important to the mobile world because it is the only way to deploy an application to any phone.

Nowadays most web conferences feature a mobile session, and most mobile conferences a web session. The obvious next step is Mobilism: a conference wholly dedicated to mobile web design and development.

Just like in 2011 we’ll invite some of the best speakers from the web development and the mobile world to guide you through the confusing jumble of platforms, screen sizes, and browsers that is the mobile ecosystem.

Check out the list of speakers: Horace Dediu, James Pearce, Remy Sharp, Jeremy Keith, Brian LeRoux and more!

If you are around let’s meet and talk about the mobile web.

Our Open Source Projects

A quick reminder of our most popular open source projects on Github:

Feel free to fork and enjoy!