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Rezonance First: Panorama et enjeux du marché des applications iPhone

Voici les slides de la présentation que j’ai donné hier dans le cadre du Rezonance First “Applications iPhone: il est temps de s’y mettre!” Panorama et enjeux du marché des applications iPhoneView more presentations from Adrian Kosmaczewski. Merci à l’équipe de Rezonance pour l’organisation impeccable, à l’HEIG VD de Yverdon pour l’accueil magnifique et a […]

How to buy iPad apps outside of the US

So you flew and bought an iPad, you live outside of the US, and you would like to buy iBooks, Pages, Numbers and Keynote (as well as many other amazing apps) from your own country, huh? After all, as Scoble said, “the iPad without apps is pretty lame, actually”. Well, welcome to the club. Here’s […]

Mobile Advertising, by Edipresse

Yesterday I attended this month’s Mobile Monday meeting in Bern, and among all the presentations, the best ones (in my opinion, they were outstanding) were those of Nicholas Heller from Google and Marc Lamarche from Edipresse. I will quickly summarize this last one in this blog post.  Marc did a great job of presenting Edipresse […]

iPhone & iPad Developer Contest: win an iPad!

As a part of the DevDay for iPhone in London and Geneva you will have the chance to win one of three iPads! These are the rules and conditions: It has to be a new application (for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or, even better, all of them at once) not yet available in the Apple […]

10 Things Every iPhone App Designer Should Know

Design is a fundamental part of iPhone app development. It is, without any doubt, the difference between a crappy and a great application. It can be the discriminating factor of life and death on the App Store, and the competition is brilliant and strong. The best teams, like Tapbots, Sophiestication or Jilion have understood that […]

That Mobile Programming Mess

Let’s be honest. 3 months ago I said that it wasn’t a good time to be an iPhone developer. Today, it looks like being one sucks every day a bit more. This article will dive into the alternatives, horrors, breakpoints, misconceptions, IDEs, sadness, hope, USB cables, and all those different factors that are shaping this […]

Interview on the Tages Anzeiger

– Wie viel Erfahrung muss man mitbringen, wenn man eine Applikation schreiben möchte? – Man sollte schon einmal mit einer Programmiersprache wie C++ gearbeitet haben. Wer bisher JavaScript und Ähnliches benutzt hat, muss noch einiges dazulernen, umdenken. – Könnte das populäre Telefon auch Junge animieren, ins Programmieren einzusteigen? – Es gibt schon junge Talente, die […]

Lift Conference iPhone Application

Lift is coming to everybody’s favorite phone, one day after the iPhone was finally announced in Korea! Here comes our iPhone app on which you can watch our talks, push them to your people, bookmark your favorites, and find out about our upcoming events. The application was developed in partnership with Akosma software and our […]

Notitas Press Release

akosma software today is pleased to announce Notitas 1.0 (“little notes” in Spanish), a geographically-aware virtual board where you can post text notes of any kind, change their font, their color, share them via e-mail and Twitter, and view the exact location where you created them. Press release on, Breaking Windows, TechWhack, MacCrazy, AppPodcast, […]

Muchas Notitas, Muchas!

Notitas is available at an App Store near you! Notitas means “small notes” in Spanish, and it’s the fourth iPhone application under the akosma brand, and the first based on an original idea of my dear wife! As the name implies, it’s a simple and easy way to create, keep and find notes in your […]