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Presentation at OOP 2011

This is the presentation I’ve given in the OOP Conference 2011 in München, Germany: “Introduction to iOS Software Development”. Introduction to iOS Software Development View more presentations from Adrian Kosmaczewski

Presentation at QCon London 2011

This is the presentation I’ve given in QCon London 2011: “Introduction to iOS Software Development” Introduction to iOS Software Development View more presentations from Adrian Kosmaczewski

Roundup of Swiss Companies Writing Mac Apps

A lot has been said and done about the iPhone, but there’s much more to Cocoa and Objective-C than our beloved pocket device. During a chat session with Stefan Fürst from Media Atelier we put together a quick list of significant Mac applications created in Switzerland (and southern Germany), and indeed the list (in no […]

iPhone and Mac OS X Developer Conference Roundup

Here’s a quick review of the most important iPhone and Mac OS X developer conferences I’ve found on the web (in no particular order). Definitely, there’s no shortage of conferences when you need information about the latest Cocoa, Mac OS X and iPhone technologies; check this out! Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference or WWDC, held every […]

Objective-C Compiler Warnings

A recent comment by Joe D’Andrea in a previous post reminded me about the importance of removing compiler warnings in Xcode projects. Most importantly, it reminded me of a conversation with a fellow developer a couple of weeks ago, in which he told me that he was surprised to see that my projects compiled all […]

Mention on ArsTechnica

A handy open source utility by Adrian Kosmaczewski allows you to convert Interface Builder files to Objective-C code. With it, you can extract all the layout information and properties of your visual design and transform that into code. Nib2objc does exactly what its name suggests. With it, you can generate converted code that takes into […]

10 iPhone Memory Management Tips

Memory management in the iPhone is a hot topic. And since tonight I’m talking about it on tonight’s monthly meetup of the French-speaking Swiss iPhone Developers group, I might as well share some tips here from my own experience. I won’t go dive through the basics; I think that Scott Stevenson did a great job […]

iPhone SDK: Une Nouvelle Ere Démarre

Il y a de moments clés dans l’histoire de la technologie. Hier soir, vers 18h (heure suisse), il s’est produit l’un de ces moments. Apple a dévoilé un SDK (Software Development Kit) pour l’iPhone, et le monde du développement logiciel mobile ne sera plus jamais le même. Voici pourquoi.