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GOTO Copenhagen 2012 – Call for Speakers!

I am very happy to announce that I will be the host of the Mobile Technologies: Native + Web track of GOTO Copenhagen 2012! The track will feature talks by Brian LeRoux, Graham Lee and Jérôme Giraud. GOTO is a series of international software development conferences organized by Trifork in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Århus (Denmark) and […]

Danske Bank iPhone Application

akosma software is proud and honored to announce a joint collaboration with Trifork Switzerland GmbH and Trifork A/S in the development of the Danske Bank iPhone Application. The Danske Bank is one of the largest banking organizations in Scandinavia. This iPhone application is one of the first of its kind, not only featuring a gorgeous […]

About the JAOO Conferences

This week I had the opportunity to attend the JAOO Developer Conference 2009 in Århus (Denmark), invited by Trifork, the company behind this and other fine events, like QCon and RubyFoo. Despite being relatively unknown in the Swiss landscape, JAOO is an event unlike any other, and here’s why you should attend next time.

Mention on Christer Østergaard’s Blog

Had the pleasure of seeing Adrian Kosmaczewski perform an excellent and enthusiastic presentation about iPhone development Thursday evening. Although I’m a senior developer on the Microsoft .Net platform, I’m a complete iPhone novice. It was therefore nice to attend this sort of “brain dump”-session, where we were given a brief walkthrough of the history of […]

Speaking in Copenhagen and Zürich

Just a quick post to tell you all that I’ll be speaking tomorrow evening (August 27th, 2009) in Copenhagen (Denmark) in the free JAOO Geek Night organized by the great team of Trifork. They are the organizers of world-class events such as the QCon London, QCon SF and RubyFoo London! But even better news for […]