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New Swiss Training Calendar 2012

We are very glad to announce new dates for our Post PC trainings in Switzerland! The new website contains all the information, calendar, dates and prices for our offerings. We provide focused, practical training of the latest technologies, with more than 5 years of experience. iOS Beginners (2 days, 1400 CHF): 15-17 April iOS […]

Getting the Next and the Previous NSIndexPath Instances

Very often, when you work with UITableViewControllers driven by NSFetchedResultsControllers, that you want to get the “previous” or the “next” elements in the results controller. Visually, this operation corresponds, from the point of view of the user, to select the cell that sits immediately above or below from the currently selected one. Of course, you […]

Determining Delegate Object Method Call Order in Objective-C with NSProxy

This is a guest post + code, wrote together with Joe D’Andrea from LiquidJoe LLC! Many developers new to the iOS platform have trouble understanding the delegate architecture, in the sense that many other OO toolkits use properties to configure the characteristics of UI elements, instead of having a separate object doing the job. When […]

Talking at the EPFL Today

Today at 1400 CET Adrian will be talking at the world-famous Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), giving an introduction to iOS development to students. The video of the presentation will be available as live streaming on, so be sure to check it out!

iPhone Apps Development in Berne @ the University

Apple Switzerland just sent the following e-mail, which, I was informed, can be publicly disclosed. Steven Woolcock (Apple Worldwide Developer Relations) will be in Switzerland that day; this unique event cannot be missed in any way! iPhone Apps Development in Berne @ the University Date: Friday, 16.4.2010 Time: 9am – 3.30pm Dear customers Dear partners […]

Why Some Analysts Don’t Get The iPad (Yet)

A couple of days ago I’ve forwarded this article on The Apple Blog to a friend of mine: “Why Apple’s iPad Can’t Succeed in Schools (Yet)”, by Liam Cassidy. This article, even if written in a supposedly “pro-Apple” blog, is rather critic and makes some debatable assertions at best, some of them without any proper […]