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nib2objc Featured on The Changelog

nib2objc has been featured recently in The Changelog, a blog about open source projects: Interface Builder is one of the coolest things about Cocoa development. Being able to draw your interfaces visually can save you tons of otherwise tedious code to create layouts and set visual styles for your user interface elements. Adrian Kosmaczewski, iPhone […]

More nib2objc fun

There are many things that I wanted to do with nib2objc since day one, but of course sometimes you just don’t have the time to implement them all. But here go two new additions to the project, that will make nib2objc even simpler and more fun to use: a Mac application and a Mac OS […]

nib2objc updated

I’ve just committed version 1.2 of nib2objc to Github with the following enhancements: Compatibility with Xcode 3.2.3 and the latest iPhone SDKs; In debug mode, the tool generates stub comments for properties not currently recognized; Provides much nicer variable names; instead of “view24” you get “button53” or “tableview34”; those names are also used in the […]

nib2objc featured in Softpedia

As the title suggests: check out the official nib2objc page in Softpedia!

Mention sur Webd

Dans ce dernier cas de figure, il existe maintenant une solution: nib2objc. Ce projet Open-Source est tout simplement un convertisseur de fichiers nib (.xib) vers du code Objectif-C. Il gère toutes les propriétés publiques de chacun des éléments graphiques, le constructeur et la hiérarchie des vues. Pour le moment, il n’y a que les composants […]

Mention on Mauro Del Rio’s Blog

I just read an interesting post on Cocoa with Love, and I discover an interesting tool to make my life easier: Now I can create my UI with IB, and the tool will convert it to a .m file. GREAT!!! The tool is called nib2objc and it can be found on Github. Published on Mauro […]

Mention on Matt Gallagher’s Blog

Layout of the content in code is probably the weakest part of the approach I’ve presented. To make it easier, you can pre-layout everything in Interface Builder and copy the layout into code. For complicated layouts, you could even try using nib2objc to convert your XIB files to code automatically (although I’ve never done this, […]

Mention on ArsTechnica

A handy open source utility by Adrian Kosmaczewski allows you to convert Interface Builder files to Objective-C code. With it, you can extract all the layout information and properties of your visual design and transform that into code. Nib2objc does exactly what its name suggests. With it, you can generate converted code that takes into […]


(Somehow this project seems to me so simple, that I’m sure someone has done this before. Anyway). This is my feeble attempt to bring an answer to the eternal dichotomy between those arguing about the relative benefits of creating user interfaces via Interface Builder or via pure Objective-C code: let me introduce nib2objc. Unbeknown to […]