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Presentation at OOP 2011

This is the presentation I’ve given in the OOP Conference 2011 in München, Germany: “Introduction to iOS Software Development”. Introduction to iOS Software Development View more presentations from Adrian Kosmaczewski

Presentation at QCon London 2011

This is the presentation I’ve given in QCon London 2011: “Introduction to iOS Software Development” Introduction to iOS Software Development View more presentations from Adrian Kosmaczewski

Smart Pointers in Objective-C++

One of the coolest features of C++ are templates, of which I’ve been drooling in the past. One of the most useful things that templates have brought to C++ are smart pointers, which simplify memory management tremendously; they combine the capacity of C++ to instantiate objects in the stack, the flexibility of heap allocation, and […]

How knowing C and C++ can help you write better iPhone apps, part 1

While learning how to write iOS applications, you will often encounter the phrase “learn C first”. Writers of Cocoa applications apparently benefit from knowing about C (sometimes even C++), but it is not very clear to many new developers how this actually works. The obvious question being “why should I learn C if actually I […]

JAOO Workshop: Building your first iPhone Application

This morning I’ve had the immense pleasure of guiding many students in Århus, Denmark, in taking their first steps with iOS, the iPhone, Xcode and Interface Builder. This event was part of the workshops proposed during the JAOO conference, and which target a very wide range of topics. I’ve published the slides of my presentation […]

Core Text Objective-C Wrapper

One of the most promising and mysterious new frameworks introduced in iOS 3.2 is Core Text. Apple defines Core Text as a “text drawing engine”, which allows Mac (and now iPad) apps to render rich text on any graphics context. Strings drawn with Core Text feature lots of custom settings such as detailed font information, […]

Objective-C Categories as Stylesheets

It is very important that iPhone and iPad applications use visual styles in a coherent way. This helps users learn how to use your application faster, it helps them scan your UI for important information as quickly as possible, and it also can convey a strong marketing message; companies who want iPhone or iPad applications […]

initWithContentsOfURL: Methods Considered Harmful

As I promised on Twitter, here’s a small discussion about the problems brought by the “initWithContentsOfURL:” family of methods. A quick search in the Xcode documentation browser brings in an interesting list of classes including this initializer (with or without additional parameters): NSArray NSManagedObjectModel NSData NSDictionary NSXMLParser NSMappingModel NSString AVAudioPlayer Don’t get me wrong, the […]

Skills Matter Presentation

Yesterday’s presentation in the Skills Matter meeting is available in Slideshare! Tips & Tricks for iPhone Application Development (London)View more presentations from Adrian Kosmaczewski. Update, 2010-02-05: The kind guys at Skills Matter have also published the video of the whole conference; check it out!

nib2objc featured in Softpedia

As the title suggests: check out the official nib2objc page in Softpedia!