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Notitas Press Release

akosma software today is pleased to announce Notitas 1.0 (“little notes” in Spanish), a geographically-aware virtual board where you can post text notes of any kind, change their font, their color, share them via e-mail and Twitter, and view the exact location where you created them. Press release on, Breaking Windows, TechWhack, MacCrazy, AppPodcast, […]

RooiFonts Press Release

akosma software is pleased to announce RooiFonts 1.0, a simple iPhone OS 3.0 font management tool for iPhone application designers and developers. RooiFonts is a tool for iPhone application designers, helping them to choose the right font for future iPhone applications. It allows them to study in detail, compare similar fonts, and share information with […]

bluewoki Press Release

akosma software is pleased to announce bluewoki 1.0, a simple and fun Bluetooth peer-to-peer walkie-talkie for iPhone OS 3.0, for iPhone and iPod Touch (2nd generation) with source code available on Github. bluewoki is a fun application which allows two iPhones to communicate over an ad-hoc Bluetooth network. It is a fun application to use […]