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iPhone Apps without Objective-C

Yes, it’s possible. Even if Objective-C is one of my preferred programming languages, in any case I think it’s worth mentioning that, 2 years after the official iPhone SDK has been announced, the iPhone development landscape has really grown up, and many, many different options are available today. This article provides a very high-level enumeration […]

The Dirty Little Secret of iPhone Development

This is happening right now, at a web agency near you. The dot-com boom of the 90’s spawned a brand new generation of coders and software developers, including me, by the way. While before that time the term of “software developer” might have been reserved to system programmers fluent in C, COBOL, C++ or other […]

iPhone SDK: Une Nouvelle Ere Démarre

Il y a de moments clés dans l’histoire de la technologie. Hier soir, vers 18h (heure suisse), il s’est produit l’un de ces moments. Apple a dévoilé un SDK (Software Development Kit) pour l’iPhone, et le monde du développement logiciel mobile ne sera plus jamais le même. Voici pourquoi.