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Copenhagen Slides Available

Another quick post to announce that I’ve published the slides (and sample application) I’ve shown last week in Copenhagen; feel free to download them from the projects section! Remember that I’ll be hosting a similar talk on September 9th in Zürich! I look forward to see you there and to discuss about iPhone development.


(Somehow this project seems to me so simple, that I’m sure someone has done this before. Anyway). This is my feeble attempt to bring an answer to the eternal dichotomy between those arguing about the relative benefits of creating user interfaces via Interface Builder or via pure Objective-C code: let me introduce nib2objc. Unbeknown to […]

The Dirty Little Secret of iPhone Development

This is happening right now, at a web agency near you. The dot-com boom of the 90’s spawned a brand new generation of coders and software developers, including me, by the way. While before that time the term of “software developer” might have been reserved to system programmers fluent in C, COBOL, C++ or other […]