Talking at the Scandinavian Developer Conference 2011

Next week I’ll be speaking at the Scandinavian Developer Conference 2011! This year I will be giving the following two talks on Monday April 4th, in the Mobile track: Mobile Web Rising: The popularity of smartphone devices and platforms like the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry has triggered an explosion of proprietary and mutually incompatible software […]

Integrating iOS Applications with Backend REST Services

A couple of hours ago I finished my presentation at JAOO, a discussion of what I’ve learnt about integrating REST services in iOS apps while creating the iPhoneWebServicesClient project at Github. This project showcases different transport formats and libraries to consume web services from an iPhone application. It features a server application written in PHP, […]

Another Mention on StackOverflow

I’ve used Adrian Kosmaczewski’s iPhone Rest Wrapper with success. Published on Stack Overflow.

Mention on StackOverflow

Hope Adrian Kosmaczewski’s work can save your time from reinventing the wheels: http://github.com/akosma/iphonerestwrapper/tree/master And, it’s Public Domain. Quote appeared in Stack Overflow.